Day: February 24, 2015

Going Out Of Style

I never tire

I never bore

And I can’t seem to get enough

Of the time I spend with you

You put a smile on my face

You force me to think

Of your random thoughts

Which require inquisition

My time with you is full of pondering

And laughter

Oh, the laughter

How well you bring it on

And how well you place infectious smiles

Which I don’t seem to lose

Even long after you’ve left

I love my time with you

You are imperfect

In an imperfect world

But it all seems perfect

When you’re around

Because I love to smile

Love to laugh

And together, we do it well

We take the advantage

And tune it to our liking

And use it up

Like it’s going

soon to be gone

Like a passing fad

Which we cling to

hold tight

Like it’s going

Going out of style

© Dicky J Loweman 2015