I Don’t Care And Neither Should You (A Note To The Neighbor Who Called Me An Asshole)

I don’t care and neither should you

I’m an asshole and I plan to stay this way

I like what I like and I don’t much care for

Whether you like it or not, or

Whether or not I’m liked

I’m stuck in my ways and my habits

For after all, they tell you habits are hard to break

And so are my ways and so am I

I sling random insults at people I hardly know

People a lot like you

If I’m having a bad day, the rest of the world should, too

I don’t care if this is unappealing or considered rude

You’d be this way too, if you viewed the world as I do

For after all, I’m just an asshole

And I plan to be this way

For a very, very long while

I would say, it’s easiest to some it up like this

I don’t care if you care or not

I don’t care if you stay or go

I won’t shed a tear when you pass

Like I said, I don’t care

I don’t care about it one way or the other

I don’t care, and neither should you

Β© Dicky J Loweman 2015

*Number 6 fromΒ Muses And Other Gauche Thoughts


  1. There’s more than one type of asshole. Personally, I don’t think you are one. You are edumacated (ha!) and you know what makes you happy. What makes you thrive. You don’t comform to society and what it wants, especially not to assholes like that who want people to be just so. Not different. Not human. That makes you extraordinary.

    People are individual for a reason. If he can’t accept that, then he’s not worth your time.

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  2. There is the right type of asshole and then there is just asshole. I do admire your “don’t care what you think of me” attitude. Something I am constantly aspiring too. Old habits die hard. I am realizing though that I’ve been too nice too long to people that don’t deserve it.
    Do you see my use of “to” and “too” there? This must be my inner bitch responding to your assholeness. πŸ˜‰

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