Day: March 5, 2015

Names In The Dirt

Damaged and used up

Spit out, thrown to the wolves

Bent and cramped

With eyes that falter

The long shadows are screeching

With the names of those now long past

There will be no consolation prizes

No raffles with promises of big wins

There will, however, be long nights

Cold nights

And thoughts which bring brave men

Crashing down to their knees

There will be soft whispers

Of all you don’t know

Of all the wasted time

Spent dreaming of the better ways

The impossible, impassable, linger on

Long past their prime

But with little else to do

Except scratch names in the dirt

The names of the hidden, of the few

Who sought out this world

However, had no choice

But to view it through fogged eyes

Damaged and used

Thrown down with careless abandonment

Only to hesitate, waiver

Slowed by the process

Which was never forgiving

And never sympathetic

© Dicky J Loweman 2015