Advice For Her

Life will have its ups and downs

We will see the best of days

And burn in the fires of the worst

We will breathe in the fresh air

And exhale the smog and grime

But never forget the good days

Keep those thoughts close to your heart

Protect them with hellfire and brimstone

For when the days do go to hell

And all looks hopeless

You can slip back to when the times were good

When we were in good company

In good hands

Safe from the winds

And the howls of all the evil we see

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing except the memories we keep

So dear, please remember

Keep only the good ones

And leave the rest behind

For no one needs that extra baggage

And it can serve a good purpose

Leave it behind

And let it be stumbling blocks

For your personal Mephistopheles

Who is grabbing for your heels

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


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