Hey, Man…You Gotta Light?

I sometimes think I was born to lose everything

I feel I waste more time looking for “things”

Than anybody else, in the great wide world

I’ve been a smoker for years

And I never lose my cigarettes

But my lighter?

I can’t seem to keep it

I seem to put it down in the most unusual places

And you would think I’d have more than one

But, no

I only have the one

And, as of right now

As I type this out

I can’t remember where I left it

So my perfectly rolled smoke

Lies dorment and unlit

In my lonely ashtray

I bet I’ll spend the next ten minutes

Searching for that light blue Bic

And, as always, when I do find it

It will be in a place

(Any number of places)

That which little Bic lighters

Are never really suppose to be

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


                1. I suppose there are worse ways to die…although i cannot think of too many worse ways at the moment. In WI taco bell mixed their meat with bull sperm. It was kind of sticky but not bad.
                  I haven’t smoked in about 7 years but even then I only smoked when I drank. oh…so like a lot. I do have a weakness for clove cigarettes though. It’s a nostalgia thing.

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                    1. I know they’re terrible for you. I don’t buy them or seek them out but if I smell one I have to have one. It reminds me of my days in Florida. I’m actually (in spite of the drinking) am a bit of a health nut. I abused my body enough when I was young so have to try to make up for it in some way. Still waiting for all that shit to catch up with me. Incidentally all my favorite people in the world seem to be smokers.

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                    2. Health nut? Oh, no. Don’t you know how bad that is for you??? And go figure, all your good friends are smokers, while nearly none of mine are. Maybe we need to get together and swap friends?


                    3. Yup I drink wheat grass and kombucha and all that shit. I don’t think I could give up my friends no matter how much smoke has been blown in my face. I’m sure you’d get along with my friends though. They are a cool bunch. Well most of them.

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                    4. Well, yes. I find my bitching to be very entertaining. As far as whether or not anyone else does? No fucking clue. Other people’s opinions are generally not high on my priority list. At least not when I’m bitching.

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                    5. LOL!!! That’s way better than some of the past experiences I’ve had with men and tequila. At least I’ll be running for my virtue and not my life. One of those I’m more willing to give up than the other.

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                    6. I’ve never had to run from an FBI officer. If they’re after me, I think I’d just give up. Running from the cops is easy, however. I mean when compared to the crazy women. I’d take the cops any day.

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                    7. Yup the FBI won’t leave you alone if they want you. The officer and I had a good laugh about it later. As I always say, no bodies, no crime, and he agreed.
                      Mmm…but cops have tasers. Actually any run in I’ve had with police they have always been really cool. I noticed if you’re polite they tend to leave you alone or let you off with a warning. Unless you are a black male, then you’re screwed.

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