I love the forest

Almost as much as the beach

Long strolls

Under the tree’s canopies

Shoots of sunlight poking through

And that comforting coolness

Which only comes from the forest

I love the smell of the pines

And I imagine heaven to be as green as here

I like the tingle I get

Seeing a deer

Or a bear or fox

And the birds sing the best songs

Deep in the forest

Where one almost becomes lost

And I wouldn’t mind it, not a bit

Just myself and the path

And all the magic

Any forest brings

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


  1. “Where one almost becomes lost / And I wouldn’t mind it, not a bit / Just myself and the path”

    Darn thing about beaches is that you have to work hard at getting lost. Much easier in the woods.

    I enjoyed your poem, and especially identified with “And I wouldn’t mind it, not a bit.” Thank you.


  2. Yes, the forest is my favorite place to “be” too. We just moved to a place where the forest and beach meet. And, I don’t have to chose! I can just chose to be outside and enjoy both. After spending 9 years in Los Angeles wishing for a way out, it finally happened and the weight that is lifted is significant. Beautiful, light words in this poem, thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I lived in L.A. for about 12 yrs or so. I was real close to the beach (Venice and Santa Monica), but Angeles Nation Forest was the closest forest we went to. Where did you move to? It sounds great.


      1. We moved to Humbolt County, Arcata. It is an incredibly beautiful place with Redwoods and Ocean beaches for miles. We are 30 min from Redwoods National Park where the trees end and the beach begins. I am so happy to see trees, real forests, empty beaches and rivers flowing freely.
        We frequented Angeles National Forest a lot! It was so crowded and trashed too. So sad. We found ways to cope but it never felt right. We had lived in Interior Alaska for 6 years before moving to L.A. culture shock is an understatement 🙂


    1. Hey, so glad it helped! I bet the forests there are incredible. Trecking around the Alps is on my bucket list. I’ve never been there, but the pictures and the stories make it sound amazing.


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