Before Sunrise

I ride my bike, just before sunrise

Stillness, in the little sliver

Of what’s left of the night

This might be my favorite time

Of all day or night

All the creatures have wondered off

Bedded down, before daybreak

The whole world is mine

No people

No cars or traffic

No noise

Just me

Whipping along, at breakneck speed

Cool winds

And silence

For just this brief period

I’m the king

I rule all the land

Loneliness can be bitter


It can simply be

The best part

Of any given day

Ā© Dicky J Loweman 2015





    1. I know what you mean. Being alone is my favorite time, but it’s not always the best for me. I go through periods where I hate being alone and I want people near all the time. It does pass, and then I all happy again, by myself. But there is a need for a balance. At least for me.


      1. my sister doesn’t understand my need for alone time, she hates to be alone. There are always a ton of people coming and going at her house. Sometimes its cool and sometimes I find it annoying. Her husband is like me, he likes to be alone. We can just sit out back in silence lost in our own thoughts with no need to say a thing to each other. Sometimes the chaos is fun to join in on though. She’s sucked me into her chaos as of late.

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          1. I live in bumfuck Egypt so there’s not much traffic at my house, especially now that the hot tub is broken and I have yet to fix it. I probably have to move in the near future and be closer to everyone else. I’ll miss my area though, its way out of the way but its really nice.

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            1. It sounds cool. Why would you move? Even if it’s a bit of a drive, if you love it it wouldn’t be worth losing. (As long as that’s the only reason. If it was something like being too expensive to afford, then that makes sense).


              1. We bought the house when I was writing loans and making six figures. That income is no longer. Im still trying to figure out something. It’s really quiet and for the most part safe, and there’s all these trails nearby. I’m pretty sad about it. All the driving is a pain in the ass though, I won’t miss that.

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