Day: March 13, 2015

(never ending lines)

hand with writer’s cramp

words which spill from page to page

never ending lines

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Charlie And His Good View

Charlie was coming over

He owed me twenty bucks

And he wanted to settle up

I like Charlie for this reason

He’s a straight shooter

Lose a bet?

He pays up

And if not right away, you knows he’s good for it

I beat him on a twenty-dollar game of pool, last night

He played like shit

He’s usually much better than I am

But not last night

Hence the reason I’m waiting on him

Charlie lives behind me, a few streets over

So I smoked a cigarette and waited for him out on the lanai

And as I saw him appear between the houses, he stopped

He clutched a paper bag in his left hand

While his right held his smoke

He stood there for about thirty seconds

Just staring out

Like he was watching a movie, on a big screen

After that, he threw his smoke away

And wandered to my back door

We greeted with a hand shake

His palm was laced with a twenty-dollar bill

A covert pass, like we were under surveillance

He came in, put the bag down

And pulled out a bottle of scotch

I grabbed the glasses and filled them with ice

We sat back there for about an hour, drinking

Trying to forge a plan for the night to come

Suddenly I remembered his far away gaze

“What were you staring at, in the back yard?”

“Hmm? Oh, that.  Your neighbors were fucking on top if their hot tub.”

His words came across as casual as could be

Like this was an everyday afternoon occurrence

“Really?  Right out in the open?”

“Yeah”, he said “Hey, what do you have to eat?”

Still stunned, I murmured for him to check for himself

He came back with a sandwich

And my neighbors, and their sex on the hot tub

Never came up, again

© Dicky J Loweman 2015