A Movie I’ve Grown Tired Of, But Will Watch Anytime

We sit together on the couch

Watching a movie, we’ve both seen countless times

It’s a slow movie

And I find my mind takes small breaks

It fades in and out

I find myself stealing quick glances at her

She has beauty

Even as we sit in this dark room

Her prettiness shines like a supernova

But, more often than not

She wears a frown

She has demons

She has hidden secrets

The ones she never talks about

The ones I never ask her about

And she likes it that way

The fact that I don’t pry

And I like it that way

She leans to me, rests her head on my shoulder

She knows she’s safe here

This is a place she can forget about the demons

And she knows I’ll do her no harm

We’ve seen this movie, so many times

And while I’ve grown tired of seeing it

In this present moment

It’s the best movie

I have ever seen

Ā© Dicky J Loweman 2015



          1. No. He tries.he knows. It’s me that is broken. Deeply. I barely leave the house because of it. And it didn’t help that my therapist created an unhealthy association of my past with him, so it made it worse. (I have severe ptsd)


      1. I was thinking that. I do hope you share them with her. I had someone write for me once, a long time ago, and it was something I was rather fond of. Even if some of the poems were not so flattering towards the end. I still dug em….
        I mean if it is right to share them, sometimes you just know its not.

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          1. I can’t say I’m not a little jealous, for its been a long time since anyone wrote anything for me. But that is probably for the best. I tend to fall too hard for writers, and then the fear kicks in and I want to bolt.

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