Day: March 15, 2015


mousetrap in attic

set long ago, no takers

living with smart mice

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Slow Motion

There are days when things won’t get right

Dressed in old clothes

No care for appearance

No thoughts on dignity

Breakfast is a slow eat

Cold and Bland

Just like the day outside

Choose a course

Make a plan

Pack the notebook, grab the pen

Fill the bota

And don’t forget the glasses

Life moves by too fast, when we can’t see

Pick the bike

Old Peugeot

Oil the chain, air for the tires

Oh, the tiresome

The wicked, the benign

Speed off with haste

Plan the actions

Slow motion, pictures in mind

Find the spot

Not just any spot

My spot

Miles from home

Alone, just

Wine, notebook, pen and glasses

Buzz the head

Fill the pages

Then back home

Return in time for nightfall

All the questions, darkness, and calm

Which always tag along

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Thoughts Of This Life

The sun will shine

And the rivers will flow

And the banks will build

All holding tight

My thoughts of this life

Time spent in travel

Time wasted in thought

And the wind will blow cold, again

And the day is replaced with dark

Yet every moment

Holds the dearest of secrets

The furthest of back-logged thoughts

Which I choose not to share

Which I keep locked away

And protect with this army

The people will still come

The people will still leave

Some with long overdrawn goodbyes

Some stealing away with the night

Some stay in my thoughts

While others are like this windy day

Causing me to take notice

But leaving as quickly as it came

There will be good days

And there will be unbearable days of dread

But through the thick and the thin

The sun will shine

The rivers will flow

And they will always continue to hold

Thoughts of this life

© Dicky J Loweman 2015