Readily perceived by the eye
Or the understanding
It’s all too evident; obvious, and apparent
plain gesture
Not without love, but lacking sentiment and depth
All in error, but covered up, quick and neat
Everything relating to conscious feelings, ideas, and impulses
Have been thrown to the fishes
That contain repressed feelings and untouchable voids
To make this clear or evident
Requires smoke and mirrors
So, to the eye or the understanding
Nothing is exactly as it should be
Nothing can be shown for what it truly is
Instead, sculpt your approval with a hearty and heavy laugh
To prove and put beyond any doubt, or question
The evidence of the guilt 
Which drips at the ports of provident destinations
Nothing more than a list or invoice
Marked for your approval
© Dicky J Loweman 2015


  1. “Instead, sculpt your approval with a hearty and heavy laugh
    To prove and put beyond any doubt, or question
    The evidence of the guilt”….I read this piece 3 times to make sure I got the full feel of your intention in this. Worth every second. Much more serious, lacking your optomistic twist at the end. Very good…deep and dark. ❤ H.


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