I Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep tonight

I’ve paced back and forth

switched between beer and rum

Flipped through countless tv channels

And dead air radio

My mind is awash

With thoughts of future plans

And all the things I should have completed, but haven’t

I’m tired, but apparently, not tired enough

Maybe I should try another room

Maybe I should randomly start calling friends

Afterall, if I can’t sleep

Then why should they?

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



  1. I’ve been feeling like this all week, and I am so tired! I know I should sleep and yet I always find something to keep me up (usually reading) until the early hours of the morning …

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          1. due to a series of unfortunate events mine had ended up at the bottom of the pool. I didn’t have a phone for days, it was pretty awful. That was the second dip it took, the first time it survived, but not that time.

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                    1. No chance. We already have it set up. It’ll be an all nighter. Btw what do you figure you’ll answer with considering he has your phone? You have a plastic cup and some string?

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                    2. It was the sweetest most obscene lullabye.
                      Well now I know somewhere I”m going to use that line. Thank you! You are inadvertently becoming somewhat of a muse to me.
                      and, I’m happy you got your sleep. It is the best thing after many restless nights.

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