Marla’s Studio Apartment

Marla was a lovely L.A. girl

She was a bit crazy

But lovely, nonetheless

She lived behind a mansion

Off Doheny, in Beverly Hills

In a garage, converted into a shit studio apartment

She tried to make it nice

But a garage, is always going to be a garage

Marla liked to tell people she ran a jewelry business

What she was really saying

Is that she sold necklaces, that she made

Off a blanket, on the boardwalk, in Venice

I guess she must have done alright

She kept up the rent on her garage, studio

But she never turned down free drinks I offered

And late nights in the garage

Were often filled

With questions

About how she was going to pay the rent

It was the perfect match

Marla, the little bit crazy girl

And her crazy living arrangement

In her Beverly Hills garage studio apartment

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


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