Ruins Of Solitude

With all the construction

To the area I live in

They are slowly taking

Everything from me

All my hidden spots

All my places of solitude

My get-aways

My heaven

I have to keep traveling

Further and further

To find the same treasures

And I spend less time

With them all

There’s not many I can walk to, anymore

A bike is usually required

I find cars are impersonal

For venturing to these nirvanas

No time to think

None to plan my ways

Of spending my time

Wasting my time

In my little bits of heaven

Which are slowly being torn down

Built up

And slowly being jettisoned

Further and further away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




  1. I have to leave my secret places behind and likely move further into the city. But they are building near me as well. One day behind my house, the place where they said they would never build, a bulldozer drove past, right over the memorial where the kid died. It was a little heartbreaking to watch.

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