Springtime awakes

Leaving winter

As cold as she’s always been

Looking tired and lacking life

spring freshens

Spring rejuvenates

Spring arrives


Green grass

Birds chirp

With a feeling of new beginnings

Being reborn at the right time

People laugh

Sweaters hide

Spring smiles


Winter curses

Icy snarls

A long sleep awaits, just beyond

And winter will soon be forgotten

Joyful hearts

Replacing cold

Spring’s here

© D J Loweman 2015


  1. Spring means life and winter a synonym of death. Should there always be a contrast ? should that contrast always be a prerequisite in poems about seasons ? Don’t you think that’s little too easy ?… water is wet and sun is hot, however both create a rainbow. How about winter in California, or Spring in Siberia… there’s something wrong with poetry describing archetypes I think.


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