Day: April 14, 2015

All Mine

Dawn breaks

Over waters

Of this quietly awakening small marsh

Birds fly, gators bake on banks

Warm sun

Pretty skies

All mine


Slight breezes

Move willows

And the reeds and rushes sway

Back and forth in perfect sync

Morning brings

To life

All around


Morning coffee

Quick notes

Take in the sunshine and warmth

Take notice of reflections in waters

Perfect start

Perfect day

All mine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Marlin Perkins In My Bushes

The light in front of my house has gone out

And the world is a beautiful dark

It’s funny how quickly the eyes can adjust

And see all the activities going on

There’s no birds chirping

They’re long finished at this hour

But, in the short span I’ve been out here

I’ve seen three hunting cats,

Who are busy checking the shrubbery

For easy meals

There goes the fox

Who finds my yard

To be the perfect bathroom

Then there are the possums,

Who waddle down the street,

Like they’ve been drinking all day

And the sloths are moving about,

Up in the trees

I can hear the coyotes,

Who howl off in the darkness

I bet there’s more than twenty

To their little pack

Occasionally, I hear the bark of a dog

But again, nowhere close by

It’s an amazing amount of activity

A show I would have paid for,

And all right outside my front door

There goes a stirring in my bushes,

But nothing too big

And what ever it was

Decided not to make an appearance

Which is too bad

Because with all the wildlife out tonight,

I fully expect to see Marlin Perkins

Come trudging out

And give me an in-depth lecture

About this ‘Wild Kingdom’

On my very dark,

But very busy street