Day: April 15, 2015

Tough Times And No Cat

Times can get tough

I’m not a big fan of times like these

This morning my coffee maker broke

I made it all the way to the coffee shop,

And discovered I hadn’t brought my wallet

Today’s writings didn’t turn out so good

And to top it all off,

I’m lonely

No one stopped by today

No one bothered to call the phone I don’t have

So I spent the majority of the day

Sulking around in limbo

Wish-washed thoughts

And a heavy head

I couldn’t concentrate

I was too consumed by boredom,

To get piss off

Or to write

Or even pour drinks

It seems like the days

When you need company the most

Are bound to be the loneliest days

Of all

I think I just need attention

We all have days like this

But I’m selfish

I want my cake

And I want to eat the whole

Fucking thing

Maybe I need a pet

Someone to talk to,

Someone who will only listen

Listen to my bad days,

But stick around and


Maybe I should get a cat

They require little work

But no,

I had a cat once

The cat left me and

Now resides far away,

Under my good

Friend’s bed

I guess I might run away, too

If I was stuck with me,

On days like this

The days when

Times get tough

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Bad Day Turnaround

I met him last friday afternoon, in the pub

I had seen him there countless times

But we never shared a drink,

Never spoke a conversation

He’s a worn out, gruff-looking thug

Complete with a badly sunburned bald head and scraggly beard

He’s probably thirty pounds overweight

And he’s dressed like he slept last night on a bench

Old faded cutoffs, a tee-shirt complete with a stain

He was seated at the bar, as I came in

I was in particularly good spirits

I just picked up my tickets for the upcoming polo season

I took a seat next to him

I could feel his eyes giving me a ‘once-over’

He made a comment, almost to himself

About how I looked happy

I turned to him, with a smile

And met his face, with a frown

I feel bad for him

We all have these days

So, without a word

I ordered two shots of whiskey

And slid one in front of him

He didn’t speak a word,

And neither did I

But he give me a nod, and finally a toast

We through them back

And sat for a minute in complete silence

Then he got up

Gave me a pat on the shoulder

And thanked me

“That was all it took.  You made my day”

And with that he headed out the door

Sometimes it takes so little

And so often

We will never know

© Dicky J Loweman 2015