Day: April 16, 2015

Beneath (pt.1)

Go on, little girl

Say it, again

Stay with me

Make a smile

Go on, now

It’s so beneath you

You’re so much better than this

Lips torn away

At the seems, the appearance

So not like you

Right down to the core

But not now

No time for that

You’re better than that

So much more

Such a good girl

Time costs money

We have none

Nothing, but time

Spill the words

Make them hurt

Hurt us both

It feels good

It’s good for you

Suck at it

Suck it all out

All the kindness, all the goodness

Fear nothing

No one can hurt you here

It’s all about the ugliness

All about the things unchanged

The hatred, the things left unsaid

Go on, baby girl

Show me, again

Tell me how

You’ll hurt me

Wound me,

How you’ll make it stick

And stay

Tell me, again

How you’ll show me

How you’ll show me to my grave



I’m like a moth in your light

One who flutters,

The one who doesn’t know

Any better

And yet, you find this ‘fine’

So real

So alright

A toy

A game

To play with,

When you’re scared

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Nighttime Fascinations

I am fascinated by how

Still the night can be

How everything stays tucked away

Quiet and peaceful

The lack of movements

The voids of the sounds

And everything and everyone,

Guided by starlight,

Shining like beacons in the nighttime skies

I am fascinated by the whispers

Of the nighttime winds

Their misleading breaths,

Which lie to me

In the sweetest ways

I’m amazed how such a cruel and uncaring world,

Can look so docile

And so safe,

So comforting

And so easy

Never a glance to

The watching eyes

Never paying mind

To the hunter at large

And if the great powers allow,

If we are lucky enough,

There will come a midnight rain

A rain

To wash all the small cares away

To cleanse the body

And this clouded, yet nearly perfect world

So we might rest again

In the stillness

Of the night

© Dicky J Loweman 2015