Day: April 21, 2015


Some people seem to have all the luck

Some others seem to have none at all

I have to remind myself

More often than not,

I fall on the side of lucky

Generally, I like where I live

I like the way I spend my days

And even when the weather turns foul

I can usually keep myself fairly well occupied

I don’t have everything I want,

But most never do

And not having it all,

Makes my dreams so much better

And while all of this

Is a light year from perfection,

I could be in a madhouse

A hospital


Or even dead

And I think about a few times

When I probably should have turned up dead

Guess I’m just lucky,

Fortunate and different,

From all those unlucky souls,

Who never quite get their fair shakes

So, as I sit here

And await the sun’s last encore for the evening

Sipping a rum and coke,

Watching the pretty sailboats traverse the intercostal

I can appreciate what I have

And in a few minutes, when they appear

I’ll count all those lucky stars

And thank them for this good fortune

And remind myself

It could be worse

I easily could have been

One of those unlucky few

© Dicky J Loweman 2015