raindrops on my face

coolness in the afternoon

thankful for the break

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


  1. I don’t know how to explain why – but these words take me back to one of my happiest, deepest, most core pleasures. I have synesthesia and rain is a magical experience for me. It always comes as a thankful break when my brain is racing at train speeds and my heart is tired. .. that’s the best way I can explain my love of rain. The Zulu ladies at the office call me ‘Mapule’ which is Zulu for rain. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Its beautiful.


      1. Yeah… its when your senses get mixed up and one will trigger another. I taste music. I see colours when I hear it. I attach genuine emotion to textures. I know it’s crazy to say – but of you have ever smoked crack … that’s how rain makes me feel. It’s why I stand in it.

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              1. Everyone says that… but trust me… you don’t want to NOT be able to touch certain textures… like mohair, with out wanting to vomit. I puked on a woman once because she hugged me and she was waring mohair. Also.. certain music… I get so angry, and it confuses people, and all I can see is-sharp green flashing and I taste a chemical like bleach or ammonia in my mouth. Sometimes its awesome. Like a free acid trip.. but not so much all the time 🙂

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