Day: April 25, 2015

Death To Traffic Lights

I sit

And wait

And then I wait some more

For this light, to finally change

Time seems

To slow

To creep


I’m impatient

Need movement

And thoughts of illegal moves slither

Into this stilled brain, while waiting

Time laughs,

Gives me

The finger


Patients is

A vertue

Or so I have been told

But I wish death, to all

Traffic lights

As I

Wait alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

The Beer Stand

I hate waiting in line for a beer

These may be the slowest lines

Of all time

And after all the minutes spent,

In this line which was born in hell,

The girl in front of me

Finally gets to the counter

This appears to have happened too fast for her

Like she was caught off guard

She looks confused, disoriented and out-of-place

She orders some flavor of light beer

Then stumbles through a small purse

Which is jammed with a phone, keys, tampons

Until she finally pulls out her bills

She pays with a twenty

And walks away

It’s finally my turn

I step up impatiently, and tell the girl what I want

She apologizes, and mutters in a most unfriendly tone

That they only have light beer

© Dicky J Loweman 2015