Day: April 27, 2015


The news paper article,

Say the body was found,

On a particularly hot,

Monday morning

An unsuspecting jogger who was

A sophomore at the university,

Was the first to see him

Bloated, rotting

And taking on a good suntan

The paper said he was a


From the Boston area

The local authorities didn’t

Have a clue as to why

He was here

Apparently his wallet,

His cash and ID

Were missing

He had nothing

Of major value to

Anyone else

Except for a map

With the small town,

Of Asheville, N.C.,

Circled in red

Of course, this had police baffled

Not because of the robbery,

Not because of the killing,

Only because he was so far off

And there wasn’t anyone

In Asheville

Who was looking for him

Or, at least

Wanted to claim him

© Dicky J Loweman 2015