Day: May 1, 2015

Tonight Is One Of Those Nights

I sit at this computer

Filling lines with useless words

Some days/nights I can write a lot

But nights like this, tend to get me down

I fill line after line

Write word after word

But in the end,

After all the typing,

I haven’t created anything I like

This, to me, is worse than

Having written nothing at all

Be it from writers block or laziness

At least I can lie to myself with those

Convincing myself that all those words

Would have been good,

If only I had typed them out

It’s a simple lie,

And I’d buy it

But, no

Instead, I’ve got lines

After miserable lines

Filled with nothing truthful

Nothing of interest

Not a thing I like

It’s times like this

When a drink is required

Tonight is one of those nights

I’ll take mine straight

And make it a double

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Spaces She FIlls

Grab at the words

I’ll take every one of them

Got to find the room

Spaces for each of them

They come faster than I can write them down

Cigarette burns alone in the ashtray

No time for that

This is what’s important, now

And now is not the time to lose focus

She has filled me

Filled me with thoughts and compliments

A true find

Such a lovely girl

So many words

So little time

Write it all down

Take the words

As many as I can

Because soon enough

This will only be a blur

Unfocused and unclear

Grab the words

Take them all

Before this slips away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015