Day: May 10, 2015

When All The World’s Asleep But Me

Sometimes it’s everything

All for the gusto

Sometimes it not for much

Of anything at all

All the reasons

All the thinking

The twisting, the turning

The spinning and

All the emptiness which seems to tag along

All of this is a piece of shit

Left for the vultures, the worms, the politicians

Maybe it should be for the ex’s

And all their new-found lovers

Maybe is just a no good baby

See what I come up with,

At 3:00 am, with all the lights off,

And no sleep?

Somewhere, off in the distance

I can hear the coyotes

they’re up too

And from the sound of their howls,

They’re just as frustrated as I am

I can’t sleep, I can not sleep

No sleep for me

I listen again

But now, nothing

Now even the coyotes

Have finally wound down

And found a little shuteye

Lucky bastards,

I sure can’t

© Dicky J Loweman 2015