Day: May 11, 2015

Nothing Of Real Importance

I have nothing of real importance to do today

Nothing urgent which I must get done

I sneak a peek out the window

Yes, it’s still sunny

There are still no movements to the palms

The paper said in could get to 90 today

Sounds just about perfect

So why so sluggish?

Why ya moving so slow, kiddo?

No answers come to mind

So best to just let the thought fade

But before I can the voice of reason pipes up

You could wash and wax the car?


You could finish touching up the paint in the bedroom?


Go for hike?

No, too hot

Ride your bike?

No and no

Go swimming?

God damn it, no

Fine, just be like this

At times you wonder why people call you a dick?

Now you have an answer

Well, if nothing else

At least write something

And make sure it’s good

Something you can live with,

You old cantankerous fool

Ok, ok, ok

I’ll try to write at the old typer

See what I can pound out of her

So I mix an old standby, just like Frank used to do

3 cubes, 2 fingers and a splash of water

Then I went and sat by that old bitch of a machine

2 hours and 5 drinks later,

I am still here

And I never did write anything truly great,

Nothing of any real substance

But there will days like this, I know

Never finish the next great American poem

No big prizes for the writing

Nope, not today

And actually, I only wrote one piece that whole time

And you just finished reading it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Simple Life

Simple tastes

A real lust for life

Seeing the sights

Taking it in

Johnny was an interesting guy,

Michelle was a girl who was just too far gone,

Steph loved her H

And David only wanted to see the city lights

Good for them

Good for all of them,

Every single one of them all

Life is a gamble

Play it like you’d like to

I like my drinks,

And writing these lines

It’s not too good

But it’s enough

Simple and sweet

A little salty and a whole lot of sour

The good life

Throw it in the shaker

Add some ice

Give it a shake

Then take it all down,

Down in one big gulp

It is, after all

The good life

So, my friends,

Take it all in

Enjoy it here and now,

While it’s here

And always remember,

It’s what you wanted

It’s what you decided to do

© Dicky J Loweman 2015