Simple Life

Simple tastes

A real lust for life

Seeing the sights

Taking it in

Johnny was an interesting guy,

Michelle was a girl who was just too far gone,

Steph loved her H

And David only wanted to see the city lights

Good for them

Good for all of them,

Every single one of them all

Life is a gamble

Play it like you’d like to

I like my drinks,

And writing these lines

It’s not too good

But it’s enough

Simple and sweet

A little salty and a whole lot of sour

The good life

Throw it in the shaker

Add some ice

Give it a shake

Then take it all down,

Down in one big gulp

It is, after all

The good life

So, my friends,

Take it all in

Enjoy it here and now,

While it’s here

And always remember,

It’s what you wanted

It’s what you decided to do

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

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