Day: May 12, 2015


There are tiny grains of sand

Around your lips

You wear tear-stained cheeks

And have learned through the years

To wear them well

You view The world through squinted eyes

Because you stare at the sun

And watch for the burning

The light too bright

With hopes and false dreams

That in time it will fade

But memories like this don’t fade

They burn for longer than you’ll be around

And in the end

You’re left holding nothing

Except a heavy head

And an empty heart

The hair curls around your neck

And thoughts come to mind

About the pressures of all that strangles you

All that has let you down

All that has left you here

And although I can’t feel your pain

I can see it

For it’s painted all across your skies

With wild carelessness

Like a true life Jackson Pollock

A painting without an ending

Without bright colors

But plenty of cold

And dirt

And emptiness

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Illusive Right

The simple instructions from the GPS

Told me to take a Right, up ahead

But I was altogether too busy,

I wasn’t watching what I was doing,

I just wasn’t paying attention

For I was much too preoccupied,

With cranking up the radio,

And rolling a cigarette

I never heard the demonic voice of the GPS,

And that was an hour ago

Damn you big city streets

And you radio and you cigarette

Because of this perfect storm I conjured up,

I still have yet to find

That illusive Right turn up ahead

© Dicky J Loweman 2015