Perfect End

There are different shades of greys

Ranging from charcoal to dust

There are cracks along the way

Climbing up the walls,

Running through the sidewalks

There is a constant heavy sigh,

A slight moan and groan

The bustle of this city

Seems monotonic and mundane

People focus on cell phones and their shoes

And no one glances up,

To read anyone’s eyes,

Or to match a smile with their own

Stale airs and old trash

Tucked away and fill the corners

The same corners they walk past


Without a conscience, without pause

The world rotates at 1000 mph

But it’s much slower, here

Much more impersonal,

Selectively savage, heartless and cold

It’s always good times, somewhere in this world

And that includes 5:00, somewhere

Time to brighten the greys,

Fill in the cracks

And forget all these plagued souls

A quick stroll to the beach cafe,

A stroll by the bar

Grab and go,

Head to the water’s edge

Where the waves sing in harmonies,

Which would make the Gregorian Chants

Seem out of tune

I listen to the winds and the gulls,

As I watch the sun die another perfect death

And at that very moment all is forgiven, forgotten,

All troubles slip and disappear,

Like the smoke from my cigarette

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

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