Day: May 16, 2015

Strange As Strange

Strange days and strange ways

All rolled up and heading faster than light

Life is filled with the strange

Strange occurrences, strange winds

Strange folks with mixed-up strange ideas

It’s strange we don’t notice it more often,

Don’t you think?

Strange is strange just by the mere facts

We are so accustom to this

That it all becomes more and more

Like the norm

Strange is not always a good thing

Strange noises, strange glances, strange places,

Strange little things found in food

But strange is not always bad, either

Strange art, writings, people

And sometimes,

Those strange little things

You might find in your food

But the longer this poem gets,

And the more I think of all the strangeness,

I manage to come to the conclusion

Maybe I have it all wrong

Maybe it’s not such a strange world,

Filled with strange writings and strange people,

Strange weather and strange animals,

But instead a completely normal world

With only me,

Who is truly strange

Now that’s a strange thought

© Dicky J Loweman 2015