Some days I feel like a tourist

Right here, in my own town

All the faces of all the people,

Are new to me

All the buildings look out of place

I read street signs,

I swear I never read before

I seem to find new nooks

Behind every corner I look

The same shops I always stop in,

Have all new faces,

Faces which don’t recognize me either

I feel like taking pictures,

Because I feel like I’m in a brand new land

Maybe I should take a tour,

Buy a map,

Or a book on this town’s history

Sometimes I feel the need to get away

And get lost

But on other days,

I truly feel like I am

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


  1. Hmmm 🙂 I am a native Floridian. Though I was brought up in the north. I’ve gotten used to my four seasons. Though I still have family in that southern state.

    Really the tourists occasionally leave? 🙂 We are due for an influx of tourists with the warmer weather. Small historical town. Folks like the Pennsylvanian history. We, though still haven’t explored all the history at our doorstep.

    A few years back we went to St. Augustine and also spent some time in the Keys. It seems the anywhere near water is ‘touristy’.

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