Cheers, Alice

Pay up, then head through the door,

With that same vodka tonic in hand

I walk back towards my house,

Knowing exactly where I can find that soul

Who is much more deserving and in need,

Of this last drink of the night

And I find her right where I thought she would be,

With the same sign, asking for money or food

I offer her the drink,

Which she takes with uncertainty and hesitation

I get the feeling,

from the look in her eye,

That this doesn’t happen all the time

I tell her my name,

And she tells me hers

Alice, she says, through cracked and sunburned lips

Pleased to meet you

We chatted for a short bit,

Then I went on home

I felt pretty good with the end to the evening

Sometimes people just need a break,

A bit of luck,

A ray of sunshine

And sometime that luck of light,

Can shine in the darkest hours,

Of a usually unforgiving night

© Dicky J Loweman 2015





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