Day: May 19, 2015

Lonely Duet

The bar is nearly empty

The rains pour in buckets on the outside world

And the fear of getting wet

Will keep even the heartiest of drinkers

Locked away in the bay

The bargirl strikes a secret conversation

With the barback,

Talking low about hatred for a fellow employee

Not too much is happening, not too much to see, but

In the corner sits a small rise,

Which serves as a stage

On top are duet,

Man and woman,

Who sing old covers — mostly slow dance songs

The woman has a soft and alluring voice

And the man holds his own,

Working away at the keys of an ancient Korg keyboard

It’s a bad turnout for them,

And I hope they don’t get paid by the headcount,

Because their meals and a few drinks,

Would put them in a hole

This night is a complete bust,

And the drinks taste as watery as the outside world

But at least I have a drink for a companion,

And that’s more than can be said,

For the old-time cover duet

Who’s music seems to be falling on deaf ears,

And one very big and lonely dance floor

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Her Look

I love to look at her

And I love the blank stare

I get in return

A stare which seems to say,

That I am not yours

I guess I have to agree

But I wish she was

And I think she could be

And this intrigues me

I like the sound of it

And I sometimes get the feeling,

Like she enjoys it, too

So here’s to whatever

Here’s to the true and now

This is all but a second,

Wrapped up in a moment

And anyway you slice it up,

I’ll remember it

For the rest of my days

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

The Silent Sea

The silent sea

Is a sea worth keeping an eye on

She’s been known to be a crafty girl

At times, calm

Often stubborn

And occasionally violent

Surprise is this girl’s middle name

She can speak in the softest of tones, at first

But she can spill out a yell in the most dramatic of fashions,

Which can deafen a person in his or her right mind

So take care of her,

And never take her for granted

She’ll turn on you,

Even with all your love and heart exposed

I know this because I have seen it,

Been there and been through it

But like any lover scorned,

Anyone who’s been dumped without reason,

I, like so many,

Keep going back

Hoping for a second chance,

Another shot to make it right

And every time I do go back,

I always seem to find her,

Calm as can be

And I breathe a headful of hope and promise

But like I said,

I’m a fool and I’ve been here before

And I know I can never leave her,

And I know I can’t leave here with my pride,

My mind,

Or my heart

Broken, again

© Dicky J Loweman 2015