Day: May 23, 2015


No one wins

And nothing is good enough, anymore

Try as we might,

This is a fruitless endeavor

And the outcome won’t ever be what we want

Should have left ‘well enough’ alone

Let the chips fall where they wanted

And never messed with the way things were

But we are far from perfect

This isn’t our first mistake,

And it will hardly be our last

So lift your glass,

In all good cheer

And forget how we screwed this up

And try to pretend,

Like this whole mess,

Never really happened

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Taking It In Stride

It’s hot

And today’s sunshine has finally wore me down

There is no complaint to this,

It’s nothing short of wonderful

Days like this call to me,

From the first rays of light,

Or the morning’s first bird song

I head out to play,

Just like I did as a five year old child

Running wild and free,

Letting the day and my imagination take me,

Wherever they want to go

But I can only go for so long

And days spent on the beach,

Or hiking down new-found paths,

Eventually weigh me and my eyes down

I guess it comes with getting older,

One day closer to that forever sleep,

In a cold pine box

But I go on as far as I can

Doing my best to waste it all away,

Yet, waste not even a single second

Because I know

When the day and I get to this point,

I just have to take it in stride

That agonizing time begins

The time when I limp back home,

Write a few lines, pour a few drinks,

And wait with uncertain anticipation

Just to do it all over,

When that first ray of light

Makes its way into my room,

And we start out again,

Working on another perfect day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015