Day: May 24, 2015

Name Calling

I keep going back

I feel the need to repeat,

To hit rewind,

Then to play it all over

Again and again

I guess I’m just a touch sentimental

I long for the old days

And for your old world ways

A longing to hear you call my name,

In the same tone, just the way you used to

I still hear it, now and then

While I’m on a busy street corner,

I’ve heard you call from the back of a fleeting car

When I’m just about asleep,

And I’d swear I heard you perfectly,

Calling my name,

From the empty room next to where I am

I guess life was simpler then,

A lot easier and more enjoyable,

While you were still here,

In all those days long gone,

When you used to call my name

© Dicky J Loweman 2015