Day: May 26, 2015

Waiting Room

I sit with her in the waiting room

I’m here for support and the ride

I wish that I could be anywhere else

A bar, a boat, a beach,

A storm drain, a funeral,

Almost anywhere would be better

I have a deep hatred for waiting rooms

Magazines scattered everywhere,

Not a single one I would read

Woman’s Day, Ms., Glamour,

There are two other men in here,

And not a single magazine on sports

All four walls in here,

Are covered with bad contemporary art

It looks as if they’re posters in cheap frames

And, of course, the Bose ceiling speakers,

Which puke out barely audible elevator music

We’ve been sitting here for almost an hour,

When her name is finally called

“Be right back,” she says,

In her best ‘I’m not nervous’ voice

Then she slips though the door

And I’m left there,

With only boredom to contain myself

Thirty seconds later and she’s back

“Ready?”, as if she needed to ask

Then she slipped out the front door

An hour’s wait and a thirty-second visit

I have no idea what went on back there,

But something tells me,

It wasn’t free,

And I probably choose the wrong profession

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




Sky Dreams

The sky is filled with birds, clouds and vapor trails

Such a big and beautiful place,

So vast and high up there

Seems a waste not to use more of it

But that leads to the question of what for?

And what could really be good enough?

probably just added useless shit

Shit that I wouldn’t want to see up there, anyway

Like more planes and non-recycled plastic bags

I would much rather see it filled with written words,

And of secret dreams

The kind of which are so big,

It would take up the entire sky

Dream big, they say

And so do I

And so I do

After all, daydreams, nighttime dreams,

Dreams of all and any kind

Seem, to me, to be the best way to pass the time

So, dream big,

And fill all the skies

All the skies in this world and others

Fill it with all you like, want or wish for

Fill it with all that may or may not ever be

© Dicky J Loweman 2015