Day: May 27, 2015


rainbow from the clouds

please mark that old pot of gold

lead me to your end

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Michelle The Cat Lady

Michelle was a sweet girl

Who lived upstairs from me in Venice

She was pretty, but never had men around

The very few times I was in her apartment,

I counted at least six cats

I’m sure most of the strays outside,

Were taken care by her, as well

And all of the cats’ names,

were people’s names

There was Francis and Toby,

Aphrodite, and Matilda…Etc., etc.

A pretty girl, but a spinster at heart

More room for the cats,

Than any man who came along

Late at night,

After I had finished with my drinks and the t.v.,

I would lie in my bed,

And listen to Michelle through the paper-thin walls

She would talk to those cats

All through the night

“No, no Francis!  That’s what the litter box is for!”

“Matilda, no paws on the table!”

“Oh, Jack!  Not on the pillow!”

This would go on until dawn

Oh, Michelle,

She was a sweet little girl

Crazy as hell,

But good in the heart

© Dicky J Loweman 2015