Day: May 29, 2015

On Love, Writing, And Cats

As I sit here, at my office desk,

I type line after line,

But it all fades fast,

And it will end up like so many other writes,

A waste of time,

Which will not be shared

I think of the things I feel I should write about

The stuff people seem to like, and,

I cheat and write ideas on scrap paper,

Which litters this large, old desk

But none of those ideas speak to me now

Just words and ideas I’ll save for another time

Right now I feel compelled to write about love,

Write about writing

Fuck that,

What I really feel,

Is to tell some story about my cat, who boards with a friend,

And guards the Gates of Hell

Ah, yes

That’s the one

This makes me smile, because the writing of love,

Or of writing,

Would more aptly suit the people who might end up reading this,

But it’s the craziness of the cat,

Which breaks the monotony of this evening

So I pour a drink,

And toggle back and forth,

Between typed words and pen and paper

And I spin useless tales of the port and moldy cheese,

The sword, and a corkscrew, which was stole by which one of us, again?

The one used to ward off The Great Ones, off in “The Dreamlands”?

And I laugh and sip away

In a perfect evening,

With jazz calmly whispering in the background and smoke swirling,

Which most would never understand

But I hope she’ll read it,

And I hope it makes her smile

For she has made me smile,

Because of her perfect sense of humor,

And for taking care of that old ‘bastard of a cat’

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


It’s all in the line and the luck of the draw

Some of us will, but most of us won’t

So, the days bring boredom,

And long walks at night

The airs are filled with memories,

Which just seem to want to stay,

Even though I don’t want them to

Say to me that it’s alright

Tell me we’re ok

Lie to me, if you have to,

Just make sure it’s believable,

Make sure it’s what I want to hear

So this night keeps dragging along,

Scraping it’s nails in the most defiant of ways

You should be here,

Here to see it all

But we both know that won’t happen,

So crack open a beer,

Light a smoke,

And get lost in the twisted halls,

The halls which hold those old memories,

Which I need to lose,

If I ever plan to sleep tonight

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

My Response To a Friend Who Said She Wanted To Kill Herself

Sometimes I can’t imagine why I’m still here,

How I’ve made it this long

The gods have shined on me,

That much is certain,

And I’ve used up more lives than a cat

Someday, baby, this shit will wear out

Grow thin, then finally give way

Then they stick you in the ground,

Or, if luck will have it,

Burn everything you have ever been

Either way,

It’s going to be ugly

But, just like the taxes I never pay,

It’s inevitable

Now, go out and do something fun

Go get drunk,

Go roll with the hookers,

Spend every last dime

But come back tomorrow,

And tell me all about it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015