Day: May 31, 2015

The Sting

Whiskey stings the lips,

Like a kiss from a past lover,

Who promised so much,

But left so little

I enjoy the memories,

But like the ice melting in the bottom of this glass,

Nothing lasts forever

So I forge a smile,

Sip the last of the poison,

And slip back

Into the comfort of the night,

And all the joy she brings

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

What Gets Done When The Day Is Broken

The day was off to a slow start

I just can’t seem to get today together

I went through a normal morning routine,

But no great plans were set in motion

So I filled the day with mundane tasks

I went to the market,

Stared at the pretty housewives,

And bought a bunch of shit which looked like a good idea,

But when I got home,

None of it sounded appealing

I thought a trip to the park would do the trick

The one with the dog park inside

There’s usually a bunch of women and their puppies,

Good sights and tomfoolery

But not today —

Just an old man who smelled of piss,

And his mangled mutt,

Which, by his looks alone,

Probably didn’t smell much better

So I sat there and tried to write,

But today was not turning out,

The next great American poem

From there, I walked by the club,

Maybe a cocktail and shoot some pool,

Maybe a game of bocci, maybe horseshoes,

But I was told the usual crowd, my friends,

All packed up early, and called it a day

“Maybe you should do the same?”, asked the bargirl

And I can take a hint,

Especially when it’s been staring me down,

All day long

So I came home, made dinner,

And wrote you this

Sorry it wasn’t better,

But this is about as good,

As my day has been

© Dicky J Loweman 2015