Day: June 1, 2015


a dawn started climb

fighting the shadows and cold

soon warmth will consume

racing towards the treeline

pacing against the sun’s heat

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

I Can Read Her Mind

I see right through it

I can read it,

With both eyes closed

You don’t need to speak,

I don’t need or want your reasons

This shit happens

I get it

It just can’t be

I’m sorry I wasted your time

I meant you no harm

But let’s take one final walk

Go with me to the bluff

I have something I want you to hear

It’ll be the same line we all use, sometime

The infamous “It’s not you…”

And I’ll do my best to break it softly,

The same as you would do for me

The only difference, that I can see,

Is how I beat you to the punch,

And got the words out first

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Truth To It

Sometimes it gets bad

I mean, real bad

But other days it never even shows

What’s with that, I have to ask,

But never spend enough time on it,

To carry on and think it through

Some days just go like that

There have been many,

And Christ knows,

There’s more on the way

But I’ll be ok

I’ll make it through, all the same

Always have in the past,

And like the gritty sands,

That blow up in an unsuspecting wind,

It will stop,

And I’ll keep going

Hardly caring,

And never putting in the time,

To figure it all out

© Dicky J Loweman 2015