Day: June 5, 2015


Cold and stormy nights

Are the nights when the best plans are laid

Such was that night

The night of the revolt

The night of the great escape

The farmer, by day

Sat at his stone

And sharpened the blade

For the big cut was coming

The hogs had been fattened

And winter approached

All three pigs had the greatest of summers and autumns

They dined like well-heeled kings

And never mine, the horses with warning

For life couldn’t get any better

Heaven must be like this

But what about the ideas, the plans?

What about all the talk of leaving?

About the want to be free

All too many meals

Soaked too long in the good life

The farmer was their friend

And nevermind the sharpened blade

Nevermind the grinding

Nevermind the horrible thoughts

Of all the pigs before

They never had it so good

These pigs knew what they had

They weren’t fools

This was the life

And they would stay put

With all the care and all the feasting

Until their dying day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

He Knows Less

The world is a big place

Sometimes, mean and cold

It takes strength and courage,

To make it in a place like this

But he knows less,

Than he thinks he does

He spends too much time,

Answering his own questions,

Studying his confining walls,

Wishing it wasn’t so bad

But the problem is the time,

All that time spent answering,

The questions

The very same questions,

He knows less about,

Than he thinks he does

Maybe a little investigation,

A little snooping around,

In the dark

And he just might stumble upon,

A few revealing answers,

To all those questions

The same questions,

Which he knows less about,

Than he thinks he does

© Dicky J Loweman 2015