All In The Matter

Every doctor I’ve seen,

Tells me life is what’s killing me

What a hoot



Walk on

The devil hasn’t got to me yet,

But he’s got my number,

(He’s got all of our numbers)

I find I do best when I just don’t answer

Ring once,

Ring twice,

Eventually he hangs up

Don’t worry, though

He’ll call again

And besides,

Now isn’t a good time

Right now I’m comfortable,



I’m playing some really good jazz,

On my world short band radio,

I’m piping in illegal horns,

All the way from Havana

And I’m sipping on a nightcap of Campari

Yeah, I know,

They call it an aperitif,

But I drink it late,

Just always been a bit backwards, I guess

And I’m rolling my cigarettes,

Full of illegally imported French-Canadian tobacco,

Mixed with something J.J. sent me,

Through the U.S. mail

Ha, gotta love it

And I have something really important to tell you

Remember how I said…

Wait a minute

That’s him ringing, again

I think I’d better call this short,

Wrap it up,

And act like I’m not home

I’m in a good mood,

And have no intentions,

Of taking his call tonight

And anyways, I’m in need of a refill

Priorities, you know

I hope you can understand

Well, babe,

Sometime that’s how it goes

It’s all in the matter,

But it’s pretty damn good,

And I’ll take it while I can

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


      1. We had a MASSIVE storm sunday night that somehow missed my town. We went from 97f, too hot to hike, to tornado like conditions with flooding and hail/lightening damage. Thats Switzerland! lol! Hope to get my “feet back on the ground” once this weekend for a nice trek. All good by you???

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow! That’s a years worth of weather right there in one night. Things here are good. I’m trying to get out everyday now. It’ll be too hot in a short time. (I’ll still go, but the outings become much less adventurous). A drawback of Florida, but that’s ok. Glad to hear that storm missed ya. Send some pictures of any cool hikes. Cheers, love!


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