Day: June 16, 2015

Southern Family Reunion

Bad subject sorta,

But I can identify,

With my dad’s side of the family

Family reunion,

Filled to the rim,

With guns and fights and

Whiskey on the pacifier,

Just to keep the young ones,

From crying

Old as dirt uncles,

Spit-fighting in the yard

over which was worse,

The Vietnam war,

Or the Korean war

And grandma tearing out wires,

in one uncles Harley,

So he wouldn’t drive it drunk

Instead we drove with a maniac,

We called dad

With no seatbelts, cause cars didn’t have them,

Traveling all over the place,

Sleeping in the back window

Uncle Jimmy with PTSD, sitting shotgun,

No one knew the name,

Of what Vietnam did to him

He was just shit-house nuts,

But he was fun and we loved him

A trash bag full of smoke in his trunk

Lord, memories

Now I’m old,

and would die if my kids acted,

like we did

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Contemplations Of Tiny Worlds

Things become quite twisted at times

All the walls start screaming,

And my head fills with confusion and drought

All the world keeps moving, though

A tiny reminder of how small,

Each individual really is

And all my personal quandaries,

Hardly amass too much

The cops shot another black man,

A teenager kills both his parents,

The boneyards are filling,

faster than the speed of light,

The vineyards are dying,

from the heat and neglect

And yet I complain,

I dwell on my small world

It is, after all, the only one,

I have or know

And that’s enough for me

So, the sun will continue to rise up,

And the fools will continue to breed,

And the air in here is thick,

And I think I need to get away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015