Day: July 3, 2015


grand cypress in bloom

fistful of thoughts to hold to

Letting go with smiles

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


To All Men And Those Days

All men battle,

A forge against the strife,

The agony,

And the perpetual madness

When the lights go out,

What’s left?

Just sunken thoughts,

Of the days gone by

All the fleeting memories,

Of what was,

What could have been

All men lose sleep,

Over the feelings,

Of loss and nothingness

The blackness and voids,

Which fill the tiny spaces,

Which are hidden,

From plain sight,

In a barren and empty attempt,

To convince all,

Of how perfect all the world is

So, to all men,

Spit back at it all,

Growl, roar,

And never fear being heard

For we are all of these days

The days when the sun refuses to rise,

The snows pack the exits,

And the mind lies in ruins,

Like a forgotten headstone

Stand and call it to attention,

Be brave,

And put these days to rest,

Put them behind

© Dicky J Loweman 2015