Day: July 20, 2015

All The Crashing Madness

When all the madness,

Comes crashing down,

And buries alive,

All it came to claim,

What will you think about?

Unpaid bills?

Long lost lovers?

Or maybe how,

This whole world,

So full of shit,

Will be better off?

It doesn’t matter

The air is thick,

And all that madness,

Is waiting around some,

Lonely and forgotten corner

Waiting for the perfect time,

And when all seems right,

And when you have perfected,

All you thought you were sent to do,

Madness will pay a visit

It may be in the form of that bill,

Your mother-in-law,

Or the ocean

Sneaky bastard,

Never drops a hint,

Never tips his hand

© Dicky J Loweman 2015