Day: August 5, 2015

One Eye Open

There is no real cause to be alarmed,

But I do hold an uneasy feeling

It’s this place,

And I’m sure, a little to do with you

You have beauty,

You have power to your movements

These are qualities I admire,

And surely don’t take lightly,

Or for granted

Your sway causes me to do the same

A far away look,

Causes me to gaze off, as well

I realize that I mimic you

Like I’m in a trance,

Or caught in a hold

It’s not a bad thing, mind you,

It only causes slight uneasiness

Maybe I just need to get used to it,

Maybe just give in,

And go for the ride

We’ll see,

And take it as it comes

But for now,

I’ll continue to keep an eye on you,

Watch and repeat the things you do,

And sleep lightly,

With one eye open

© Dicky J Loweman 2015