I’m a amateur poet and raconteur who loves life, even though I write about it’s darker side.  I currently live in both Florida and Costa Rica and travel as much as I can.  If I’m not in writing, you’ll find me on the beach or in the bar…Anything else?  Just ask.  dickyjloweman@gmail.com.


  1. i would love to tag alongf if you don’t mind haha.. -juat kidding but rare do i find people who give a s*** on poetry, sorry ’bout my word, but seriously I like your poems.:-)

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  2. Thanks first of all for following me on WP – I know Ill enjoy the follow back.
    I enjoyed reading your poetry and haiku and was wondering if you would consider submitting for a project I am heading up – the book benefits children who are orphaned from Ebola.
    Have a look at the blog if you are interested Here
    There’s still a bit more room for poems like your.
    All the best Leslie Moon

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  3. As I sit in our new house in Florida, drinking coffee and thoroughly enjoying my reads on your blog, I thank you for finding me and introducing your lovely words to my eyes and soul. Peace and blessings my friend.

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  4. Thank you for the follow, I appreciate it. Reading a few of your poems I am enjoying your flow, your simple yet poignant words that wander like someone stepping from one rock to another across a river. At some moments the rock is farther than I expected, which is lovely. Looking forward to enjoying your words from here forward, thank you.

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  5. Beach, bar, travel … three of my favorites. Nice to meet you. I refuse to call you “Dick” until you prove you are one … so what is your name preference? (If you don’t have one, I’ll just call you “friend”!)

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    1. Thank you, sir. Nice to meet you as well. I just read a couple of your poems, as well (Love N Hatred and Poverty-I). Very powerful, very good. Thanks for taking a look at my site. If nothing else, it helped me find yours. Cheers, my friend.

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                    1. I’ve never been to Cooper’s – the museum. The house that burned down may not have been Cooper’s – it was a hunting lodge that may have belonged to one of his buddies.

                      It was pretty. Had a lot of free range to wander the woods there and the fire and old Indian trails were Indian princess were supposed to be buried. But they kept changing the trails so I’m not sure which was which. I couldn’t show you the way even if they had signs now. I think a few acres have been lost to housing, and maybe a Christmas Tree farm. But I haven’t been there, well since about the late 1960’s. Quite a bit can happen in 45 years.

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                    2. Yep. Thanks.
                      Going to turn in soon – we are expecting up to 5 inches of snow in extreme cold. I’ve got to do some shoveling in the morning before my grandchildren arrive tomorrow. I watch ’em during the week. 🙂

                      Thanks for delightful conversations 🙂

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  6. You have an awesome blog
    I like your poems
    They are very interesting
    They keep coming
    All day long
    You must write a lot

    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    I appreciate your visits.


      1. Thank you much
        I really appreciate that 🙂
        I have suffered from insomnia awhile back myself
        Listening to the sounds of rain and thunder as helped a lot.
        Any calming music should do the trick– I think.

        Hope you have a wonderful day
        May your heart be always comforted and your mind at peace.

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