free form

She Won’t Get up

It’s a miserable day

And she won’t get out of bed

I made coffee, she rolled over

I ran to the store, she switch sides of the bed

It started to rain

At the exact time I heard her sniffle

‘Great, now she has a cold’, I thought

I ask if she planned to look for work

Only a groan out of the bedroom corpse

I rolled her a smoke

She smoked it, than rolled over

And fell right back to sleep

The weather has turned worse, outside

Black clouds started riding in

Thunder can be heard in the distance

I tell her that she needs to get up

She has things to get done today

Actually, I have no idea if this is true

I just want her out of my bed

Out of this house

I tell her I’m going to put gas in the car

I tell her I want her up and gone

By the time I’m back

When I get home there’s a silence to the house

I hear no snoring

Or swearing about sleeping longer

I see that the kitchen has been slightly cleaned

Did she do that before we went to bed?

The pillows for the couch have been put back

I guess I sometimes take care of that before bed

I sit down at the table and flip through the paper

I feel good that she listened to me

I guess there’s a first for everything

Now that I’m alone, maybe I’ll get some writing done

I sit at the typewriter

Snap away freely, with a smile on my face

That’s when I hear the cough

And a crippled murmur

Something about needing water

I walk to the bedroom

She’s gone back to sleep

On the floor

© Dicky J Loweman 2014



I leave the pub around eight

The crowd doesn’t fit my mood

Being a cool night, I choose to walk

Passing on the crowded streets

I catch a glimpse of you

A small chill runs up my neck

Caused by your piercing eyes

I’ve seen you before

But I can’t place where or when

Quickly thoughts are redirected

Thoughts of my lonely hovel

And my long walk ahead

I never noticed your change in direction

The wind quickened and howled all the way home

You were never more than twenty paces behind

As I quickened, so did you

As I stopped to roll a smoke, you took to the shadows

As I arrived at my abode, you watched as I turned the key

As I fixed a nightcap, you let yourself in

As I write this, you come closer

And as I turn, you deliver the blow

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

What Jesus Did

I know a secret

Never told

Long held away

Because I was there

And heard the words he said

The talking about the ‘big plan’

I know what Jesus did

The way he twisted the words

Played us all against each other

Slowly surrounded by the Roman guards

As the walls closed in

Searching house by house

In the manhunt for us all

I know the secret Jesus saved

And just like he

I took it to the grave

I know what Jesus did

As the walls closed in

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Curiosity Changes The Brain

Curiosity changes the brain

Makes you want to see things

Things you wish you hadn’t

Things which can not be unseen

Like staring at a car wreck

Watching someone’s house and life

Going up in smoke and flames

Allowing the neighbor to savagely beat her child

And leaning closer to the wall

Trying to make out her words

between the crying and screams

It’s because there is a darkness

Which lies deep within us all

And pushes us for answers of why or what next

It’s true

Curiosity changes the brain

And brings out that tiny, suppressed demon

In each and every one of us all

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Secret Place

And so the search begins

A search to find that special place

A place where only I can get to

A place to keep the artifacts

And all the memories

Of that glorious night

It must be tucked away

From the weather

And all who breathe

All the animals

All the people

A place I can never lose

A place to bury you

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Giving Up The Ghost

When I woke up today things just didn’t seem right

I had sweated through my clothes

But I was so cold, I couldn’t stop the shaking

I looked down at my bed

It was neat and tidy, as if no one slept there

I walked into the bathroom

Everything gleamed white

Atomic white, in fact

Like a model

Just like it was never used

I looked into the mirror, but saw nothing

Only a void

I ran for the kitchen, the only room with a clock

Again, like it had never been lived in

My pictures missing off the walls

The cupboards, bare

That’s when it struck me

I’ve been gone a long time

I slowly walked to the front door

Afraid to open it, but also afraid not to

In the instant I swung open the door

That’s when I saw it

The beautiful, atomic white light

I could do nothing

Except move straight towards it

© Dicky J Loweman 2014