Days Like This

I lost a fifty dollar bill today

Somewhere between lunch and home

My only stop was the newsstand

I ate a bad sandwich with soggy chips for lunch

Dropped my glasses and scratched the lens

I thought the walk would be nice

It was

But on the walk home

I blew out my flip-flop

Had to drudge a mile, barefoot

Asphalt burns your feet in hot Florida sun

My last stop was at the pool hall

Grab a drink, maybe shoot a game

And give my burning feet a rest

I saw Al racking up

I love to take his money

And he never turns down a bet

Double or nothing, he wanted to play

He was already in to me for twenty bucks

I could have beat him

But I had lost fifty bucks

And had no money to put on the table

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


In The Way

There’s something in the way

You look at me

There’s something in the way

You speak down to me

There’s something in the way

you move further away from me

There’s something in the way

You want nothing more to do with me

There’s something in the way

I love to look at you

There’s something in the way

I can’t speak highly enough of you

There’s something in the way

I stretch harder to be close to you

There’s something in the way

I can’t get enough of you

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Watching, But Not Saying Hello

I’ve been watching her all night

She slips in and out of the crowd

With all relative ease

I’ve watched her match me

Drink for drink

We’re both keeping a fevered pace

she will leave for a few minutes

A phone call or dance

To pull her away

But she always comes back

Takes her seat

and occasionally tosses me a look

As if she knows

How entertaining I find her

As the night wears down

And the crowd thins out

I watch her as she gathers her belongings

And flips off another man’s invitation

She walks down the bar

and stops just behind me

‘Could have had a better night’, she says

‘If you only said hello’

And with that she’s gone

Through the door, into the night

And never to be seen again

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

The Welter Of Arguments

Say you what?

Say it again, I dare you

A heave of insults tossed like feathers

Wallowing in the obscenities and froth

Down low the boil writhes

Won’t be long now

Time ticking away at the calm

Bombs exploding are softer than your tongue

Hanging on, is clearly coming up short

Don’t believe what is said

Lies fly like flies on shit, buzzards at a kill

But after awhile, you’ll tire

Just like you always do

I’ll fix us a drink

Give you some time to cool down and reflect

Just like you always do

And we’ll get drunk again and wake in the morning

In each other’s arms

Just like we always do

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Last Kiss

You look so beautiful

So peaceful with just a hint of a smile

Your features tell me you’re in a far away place

Your own new world

I have something to tell you

Before I say goodbye

So I bend close to you

And whisper in your ear

Words only you’ll ever hear me say

Words you’ll take to the grave

My eyes are misty, so I’d be best to finish up

Time has slipped away, too fast

So I give you one last kiss

On your soft red lips

Then I back away

And watch

As they slowly close the casket

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Grown Old

I watched you for years

Watched the way the years have changed you

Taken from you

And the way you strive to give back

I would give anything to see you as you once were

Younger and so full of life

But life itself

Is a clock

And no matter how hard we try

We can’t turn back the hands

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


A two-day drive

No one knows I’m here

Never told anybody

Out all alone, just me

And a camera

Without food, without water

Without any direction or sense

Every direction in view gives no answers

East – Sand

North – Dunes

West – Dead brushes

South – Only footprints

I have to move

Keep moving

Keep that wagon wheel turning

So I continue

Left, right, left, right

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the next

Got to keep this steady pace

Death is blowing on my neck

The devil reaching for my feet

Got to keep this steady pace

One foot in front of the other

Left, right, left, right

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Pleasure And Pain

One sweet smile

Dangled like wind from a ravaged fire

Which spits gasoline for fuel

One curious look

Lashed out with dart-like preciseness

One devilish thought

Of whirlwinds made out of madness

From where only the most evil

Of all things brew

One coy laugh

As I swirl ice in an empty glass

Filled With bourbon again, in moments to come

Carefully constructed finger pulses

Lead to unnoticed finger taps

Random acts which punctuate

And pulse rhythmic forces yet unseen

Hatred bowled

Deep in an unforgiving mind

Swept away by lies

And curious intrigue

Visions of night

Not yet known, but rewound

And replayed countless times

All of which

Have been carefully locked away

And guarded by each and every one of the minds follies

Sleep which fails to come

After nightfall shifts and bounces off the dendrites

who slavishly refuse to accept the synapses

Once more

Thoughts are raped away

By untimely and bitter questions

Questions about unfilled blown glass

And quickly melting frozen waters

© Dicky J Loweman 2014