The light in your eyes

Leaves me breathless

Numb and blind

Your soft-spoken words

Leave me filled with hope

Calm and Mystery

The easy touch from your hands

Makes me shake

And keeps me sleepless with a smile

But when you said goodbye

You left a hole

Black as night

And as deep and cold

As the ocean is wide

Anatomy Of Conflict

The rhetoric

You said I was

A grave threat to our relationship

You say how I lash out

Without credibility

And often attack without warning

I say I’m provoked

The response

Always the same

We pledge to spend more time together

I think this is a bad idea

I think it’s what has led us to this point

The reaction

You get very concerned about us

About our time spent together

So I tend to spend more time away

More time alone

More time with just my thoughts

Whether or not we’ll make it

Make this work

I don’t see how we can

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Oh this mutual

And cooperative interchange

Of favors and certain privileges

Given up in exchange for exclusive deeds

Deeds to be had

And done unto you

You do this to me again and again

Strong willed

I’ll stand alone on my ground

A mutual exchange

I can’t think that’s possible anymore

I can’t think that way

For you see

You have to give to receive

It’s all about giving back

And you give nothing

A New Perfume

Violence causes silence

We’ve both heard that before

But I have never been this deaf before

I just stare at you

I just look at you

And I wonder

Where will you take the body?

Will she go where the rest have gone?

Who do you expect to help you now?

Shirley, not this man

For I have a family, a wife

I have children, you see?

This just doesn’t work

This just doesn’t help… Me

(Think, think)

I hope you understand

I’d help you, if I could

But, now is not the time


Because of this

Come close

Hold on to me

And I’ll take care of this

This will be the one and only time

Hold on to me

Yes, yes

Just like before

I guess I’ll deal with it

But wait…

But before you let me go

Before you leave my arms

I have something for you

Something I’ve been saving for you

Close your eyes…


Now close your eyes, girl

And breathe deep, feel my love

Don’t fight

Don’t squirm, don’t even fret a bit

It’s better that way

Smell that?

That’s a new perfume for you

They call it chloroform


You are the one I fear

The one who keeps me alive

You are every inhale

Every exhaust

The one who keeps me guessing

You are the one who drives me to drink

You are the drug that makes my imagination possible

From which nightmares are born

And from which all you read

Please come home

Please come back

I miss the fear


Forgotten Girl

You’re buried in an old forgotten place

I like to think I’m your only visitor

I tidy you up a bit

clear away all that’s unwanted

Then go around and pick up all the dead flowers scattered around

And lay them by your feet

A bed of roses for you, my dear

Just so you know

While you may be buried in an old forgotten place

You are not forgotten

© Dicky j Loweman 2014