new age writers

Someone Who Cares

Save you bitching for someone who cares

Your self-rigious ways

The pedistal you like to perch from

On your soapbox

Voicing timeless observations

Of things gone wrong

Of the ways it should be

Could be

If I would only look at it

From your point of view

Leaving forever behind, mine

© Dicky J LOweman 2014


I sit and I sit

We aren’t going anywhere

Too many people

Too many cars

This leads way to wandering thoughts

Grocery lists

To-do lists

Phone calls to make

Bills, which still need to be paid

My car needs gas

What’s the price of gas?

How long could I sit here

Why is my current destination, even important

So many questions

So little answers

I toy with the radio

Talk radio

The great time waster

Blah, blah, blah

I can hear the talking, but can’t take it in

I’m consumed with boredom

And I sit here

In this stop-n-go lifestyle

Which numbs me to the bone

I work thoughts, about what else I could be doing

I could be on a beach

Or taking a quiet nap in my hammock

But these thoughts just cause a frown

For now

I sit and I sit

Not going anywhere

Too many people

Too many cars

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Chance Of Regret

Lifted then broken

Wasted time and hearts

All that conceal, temped by mere fate

Slowly watching the undoing

All the work we put in

Happy now?

Do you feel more complete?

Chances are full of regret

Like knocking on the wrong doors

Never really knowing what to expect

Except change

Change that moves swiftly

And leaves you with very little

Much less than you started with

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Dreams Of Big Plans

Pour a drink and have a seat

We’ll talk for hours

Filling the time with the nothingness, that which we so love

The big plans

Ultimate getaways

All the twists and turns

Enough to make the head spin, make it sick

Concentrate now

Seeing things from a new point of view

All scrunched up, balled together

Revealing secrets, and then the truths

Living with a new sense of purpose

Dreaming in color, and never making the same mistakes again

Pipe dreams, the old-fashioned kind

The one that make you and I dream better

Of better places, of better thoughts

Better get going

Train’s leaving

And it ain’t going to wait for us

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


You hold the qualities

Which enable you

To fuck with my oh-so small world

You turn out the lights

When I most need to see

You eat all we have

Knowing that I starve

You seem to like the power

You like to be in complete control

You have an ability

To make me frown at the very sight of you

Make me feel sick

And in need of a bed

Like a witch

You hold secret powers

The power to push me down

Bringing rain on the clearest days

Rabid cold during the summer months

You dabble in crudeness

Exploiting my dismay

These are your greatest qualities, dear

And no matter how hard one tries

They can’t be changed

Or taken away

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


I leave the pub around eight

The crowd doesn’t fit my mood

Being a cool night, I choose to walk

Passing on the crowded streets

I catch a glimpse of you

A small chill runs up my neck

Caused by your piercing eyes

I’ve seen you before

But I can’t place where or when

Quickly thoughts are redirected

Thoughts of my lonely hovel

And my long walk ahead

I never noticed your change in direction

The wind quickened and howled all the way home

You were never more than twenty paces behind

As I quickened, so did you

As I stopped to roll a smoke, you took to the shadows

As I arrived at my abode, you watched as I turned the key

As I fixed a nightcap, you let yourself in

As I write this, you come closer

And as I turn, you deliver the blow

© Dicky J Loweman 2014